Located in the heart of Lancashire cheese making territory, and surrounded by some of the finest dairy herds in the country, we source all of our milk from within a 15 mile radius of the dairy.

4 bordered sub images, a cow, a cheese press, an old picture of a family member selling cheese and a modern day picture of someone shaping cheese

Our cheeses have continued to evolve and develop over time to meet the demands of the market.  And while we understand that customer tastes change over time we also believe that above all else customers expect consistent quality.  This is why JJ Sandham continues to make all its cheeses by hand using traditional recipes and undertakes rigorous quality control procedures.

We have Salsa accreditation for our extremely high standards of hygiene, rigorous inspection procedures and high levels of staff training.

Over recent years JJ Sandham has seen significant investment in its production facilities recently building a modern smoke house to further extend the range of JJ Sandham’s smoked dairy products and to offer contract smoking to other local dairy producers.

JJ Sandham is a family owned and run business with 3rd generation, Chris Sandham currently at the helm.


In 1929, John and Martha Sandham, began Lancashire cheese making at their Barton Dairy.

The business started before the Milk Marketing Board existed, so contracts were taken out with local farmers to establish a continuous supply of milk. These local contracts ensured supply but did not allow for times when there was a reduction in the demand for cheese. As a consequence, if demand for cheese fell, production had to carry on using the milk.

When the store rooms were full the adjacent family home was used as an extra storage area. Cheese was often stacked two high on the stairs of the house and the living room was fitted with extra shelving.

During and immediately after World War Two milk supply was cut to zero because it was required for milk powder. It was not until the early 1950’s that the supply of milk was resumed and Lancashire cheese manufacture was restarted at JJ Sandham. From the 1950’s to the present day JJ Sandham has been producing top quality Lancashire cheese to the same 1929 recipe.