Anuga Trade Show 2017

This year was the first time that we have visited the Anuga trade Show in Cologne. With nearly 8,000 exhibitors and goodness knows how many visitors, it was a challenge to merely scratch the surface of what there was to see. We had two very hectic days meeting suppliers, importers, exporters and DIT officials and came back with a clutch of business cards and contacts. The work starts here now to turn these contacts into customers. I asked the question as to whether the EU are looking at trading with the UK with our imminent departure from the trading union and the general response was “Yes” as no one knows what lies ahead in eighteen months time but to do nothing for that period wasn’t acceptable. Positive news and some very upbeat companies. New innovation was disappointing to be fair, but there is a real drive with organic, gluten free and healthy foods and the snacking industry is remarkably busy. (My tips there are free of charge!) So there we have it, Britain and Europe are very much open for business and as for the rest of the world, well, the Made in Britain comment is still very, very highly regarded and sought after. What a great, yet tiring two days and I never thought I’d hear myself say that cheese making is a stroll in the park compared to attending trade shows.