Using milk from local farms, utilising traditional methods and incorporating the finest ingredients our cheeses are sold across the UK and throughout the world.

Traditional Lancashire

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Lancashire is the only British county to produce three distinctive types of cheese – Lancashire Creamy, Lancashire Tasty and Lancashire Crumbly.

JJ Sandham produces all three using traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation.  Each Lancashire cheese has its own distinctive character making it a very versatile cheese appropriate for all ages of consumer.

Our Lancashire range is available in various product formats and sizes including the much celebrated ‘Lancashire bomb’.

British Territorials

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JJ Sandham produces the full spectrum of hard British territorial cheeses including Cheddar, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester, Cheshire and Wensleydale.

Matched with our range of traditional Lancashire Cheese, we are able to deliver the full British cheese offer making us the first choice for delicatessens, caterers and supermarkets across the country.

Our British territorial range is available in various product formats and we can ‘make to order’ if required.


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With total control over the smoking process and more than a decade’s experience in smoking cheese JJ Sandham offer a quality range of refined and delicate smoked cheeses.

The art of smoking cheese is the ability to produce the perfect density and speed of smoke required to enhance the cheese’s natural flavours with a rich nuttiness that so many people enjoy.

Our smoked cheese range includes our traditional Lancashire and British territorial cheeses.

Goat and sheep

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JJ Sandham produces a range of hard goat and sheep’s milk cheeses using milk from local farms.

Our cheeses are known for their subtle nutty flavour notes without a strong aftertaste that is common among many goat and sheep products.

Cheeses are available in a variety of product formats and sizes.

Sweet blended

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The creaminess of our British cheeses matched with sweet ingredients such as cranberries, apricots and stem ginger make an interesting and delicious addition to any cheese board.

We blend a diverse combination of fruit and spices to our range of Lancashire and British territorials.

Please get in touch for details of our sweet blended range.

Savoury blended

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JJ Sandham was the first cheese maker to offer a blended Lancashire cheese with garlic, an extremely popular cheese now sold throughout the world.

Our range of savoury blended cheese now extends to include ingredients such as chives, caramelised onion and chillies.

When melted these cheeses offer a whole new flavour dimension.

We blend all styles of British cheese and all ingredients are sourced locally.