Goat’s Cheese please

Goats CheeseWith falling supplies of English goat milk there is a reducing availability of real English goat cheese. Well not with us. We have been making goat cheese for quite some years now here in Barton and use milk from one Northwest goat farmer making this a real local product. We make it in a cheddar style making it very versatile for portion control in a busy kitchen where it can be sliced, diced, grated and cubed and has excellent keeping qualities and a long best before date. It melts superb on toppings of dishes and, like all our cheese, is suitable for vegetarians. How many times do you here people say they don’t like goat cheese because it’s too “goaty”? Well not ours. It really is a great cheese made from fresh, local milk to our unwavering standards. A superb addition to this cheese is a smoked variety that blends two fantastic flavours of natural wood smoke and tasty cheese. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed and neither will the “too goaty” people.