Introducing ‘Old King Coal!

We are very excited to offer a sensational new product….

‘Old King Coal!’

Starting as Mature Cheddar, it is then blended with activated charcoal to produce a naturally smooth, black coloured cheese with a rich, creamy taste.

Activated charcoal has received relatively recent fame thanks to its ability to help remove harmful toxins from your body across its many applications. Many experts believe that activated charcoal is widely recognised to help prevent or provide relief from bloating and gas.

Something Different?

Old King Coal is a visually stunning and unique cheese that has fantastic cooking and melting qualities and a real talking point on any cheeseboard! Imagine this melted in a Welsh Rarebit or in a Cheese and Onion Pie or a black cheese sauce! The head says ‘No!’ but the taste buds say ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ as they tingle with glee!

A Cheeseboard must!



Feedback is positive and demand is overwhelming so please contact us to order or to ask for your local stockist!