Cheese wedding cakes becoming increasingly popular with couples looking for something a little bit different to help celebrate their big day.

Untitled-2JJ Sandham has been creating beautiful cheese wedding cakes for over 10 years and we can help couples choose the perfect cheese combination to suit themes, tastes and budgets.

Cheese wedding cakes offer a delicious alternative to the traditional fruitcake and with our range of delicious British cheeses there is bound to be something for everyone.

Each cake is made to the customer’s requirements and can then be decorated and dressed to complement the theme of the wedding.  Our customers have used decoration options such as    fruit, flowers, feathers and ribbons to create a beautiful centre piece to the wedding breakfast.

We can also make individual cheeses as favours to be presented to each guest or as an accompaniment to a desert course.

Birthdays, Anniversaries and Corporate Events

Cheese cakes are not just for weddings, they can be made for a wide variety of occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and award ceremonies. As with our wedding cakes all our cheeses are made to customer specifications.

If you require more details or wish to place an order please contact us.