Due to the ongoing success of our contract smoking, our Spring 2018 project is to install another smoking kiln, enabling us to double our capacity in state-of-the-art smoking facilities. This means we can smoke cheese and dairy products for other producers as well as develop our own award winning range of smoked cheese.

Untitled-1With total control over the smoking process and more than a decade’s experience in smoking cheese JJ Sandham can deliver a refined and delicate smoked flavour to all cheese styles.

The art of smoking cheese is the ability to produce the perfect density and speed of smoke required to enhance the cheese’s natural flavours with a rich nuttiness that so many people enjoy.

JJ Sandham has won a number of local and national awards for our range smoked cheese.

Contract Smoking Services

JJ Sandham offer contract smoking to cheese wholesalers and other local cheese makers guaranteeing a pure-tasting and hygienic product every time.

We only smoke dairy products so there is no risk of cross contamination.

Our smoking facility is for dairy only and we have successfully smoked a varied range of products  including butter, Brie, Stilton and Mozzarella.

We use the finest quality traditional English Oak for smoking which produces a golden colouring and a smooth smoky flavour without the residual bitterness you often find with lower quality woodchip.

Hickory, Cherry, Oak, Beech, Spruce, Chestnut, Mesquite and Apple are also available, for more details on our smoking service please contact us.